Our pilots, comprising both expatriate and local staff, are trained and certified overseas primarily at the United States and Canadian branches of Flight Safety International (http://www.flightsafety.com), one of the world's leading aviation training companies. We also augment these training sessions at other DGAC and factory-approved centers. Besides technical training, we put a high premium on field experience. Gauging conditions in the field often requires a level of experience that can only be acquired over time and flying hours. Relevant personnel as a whole regularly undergo courses in Aviation Security, Windshear, Simulator Training, Emergency Drills, Basic Sea Survival, Basic Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue Training, Standard Operating Procedures, Dangerous Goods (hazardous materials) Training, as needed. Finally, flight crew flying hours and shifts are limited and/or rotated in accordance with international safety regulations, to ensure their continued fitness and alertness on the job.